Computer Tips

This page I will devote to those of us who use the computer to do small tasks, who are self taught (like me) and find most of the help available to be too complicated. So I will keep it really simple. If you need any answers, just enter them as comments and I will get back ASAP

In Microsoft Word:
  1. Paragraphs: Many of us prefer to keep an additional space between paragraphs and usually press the Enter Key twice. A simple way is to press the Ctrl key alongwith the zero button the first ime you add a paragraph. This has the added advantage of automatically increasing the gap each time you add a paragraph.
  2. Frequent bits:  Do you need to add the same things again and again. Try using AutoCorrect. First what is it that you type again and again. It could be your address for example which runs into a few lines, or even the closure to your letter - Yours truly, followed by a few blank lines and then follwed by your name in brackets. Next decide on a combination of letters ( I suggest 3 consonants) that you do not think you will ever use as such - say "vbn " (the space after them is always a good idea). Now open AutoCorrect and in Replace type "vbn " and in With type the repeated item. It works each time. Try it.
  3. Selection : Do you need to select part of what you have typed? Take the mouse anywhere on the word and double click.  and click 3 times when you want to select the entire paragraph. Now try various combinations of the arrow keys with Ctrl or Shift keys to see what all can be selected.
  4. I frequently find I need to delete a few words. instead od repeatedly pressing only the delete key - when you end up often deleting more than you planned - try simultaneously using the Ctrl and Delete key, this deletes one word. If you keep the Ctrl key continuously pressed, each press of the delete key deletes one word at a time. Practice this a few time and see how easy and fast this becomes.
While sending a mail, the "To" option is always used, frequently so is the "cc". Ever tried using the "Bcc" (Cannot readily recall what this stands for). While sending the mail to several persons, you may not want others to see one or more recepient. The e-mail will reach  though the addresses entered in Bcc will not be visible to the others.

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