Tuesday, 14 June 2016

"Udta Punjab" - is this justice?

I do not understand the priorities of our courts these days. The CJ weeps that he does not have enough people to handle the number of cases. The Mumbai HC took 13 years to decide who was NOT driving a vehicle, and there is still no justice in sight for the poor pavement dwellers who died sleeping. There are thousands, if not lakhs, of undertrials in jail because the judges have no time to hear such cases. Yet both the judges of the the two-member bench apparently had more than enough time to personally watch the movie for three hours, listen to arguments on each of the points raised and decide on its merits within a few days of the matter coming before them. Such was the critical importance they gave to the matter - the release of a movie.

I am not questioning the decision, only the fact that there has been a decision. And that this issue has got so much of media time. Freedom of expression, or rather of artistic expression, these days is more important that freedom of life.

To me, the justice is skewed. I wish the common man could hope for similar speedy judgements.