Saturday, 5 March 2011

The silent heroes of our Horticulture Departments

Today’s newspaper talks of the increase in green cover in Noida. Mayawati has indeed done a commendable job.
Delhi, or rather Central Delhi has always been green – courtesy the Britishers. But the entire credit of maintaining this would, I presume go to NDMC. New Delhi now is beautiful most times of the year with great greenery and wonderfully flowering plants in lovely colours. And then of course one must not forget the continuous line of magnificent trees alongside the avenues. It is a delight driving along these roads.
 Old Delhi however remained congested with narrow lanes and few trees. South Delhi had patches of green, mainly in the government colonies but the “posh”  or the then newer colonies of say Greater Kailash, Green Park, Defence Colony have never kept pace. This is despite the fact that there are parks, jogging areas, playgrounds for children, forest covers etc.; maintenance of these is not comparable to that of New Delhi.
 Amongst the adjoining area of Delhi –Gurgaon, the old city followed the pattern of any other town. The newer part of Gurgaon developed with wider roads and somewhat better in terms of open spaces, but these have not been maintained at all and can hardly be considered beautifully green. On the other hand, Noida has had more open spaces and the drive from the Nizamuddin bridge along Noida link road has always been a cynosure, an opportunity to observe, to appreciate, to enjoy.
Over the years we have been seeing the increasing greenery around us, usually as a consequence of the efforts of the various departments. An occasion where the funds allocated have been utilized fruitfully and very skillfully. This has led, not only a visual treat, but also to increased jobs for the malis (gardeners), fresher air, a better water table, and a greater awareness within us – the common man.
Hats off to the concerned Horticulture Departments.  And thanks, Noida.


  1. gives a happy feeling to see that something nice is being done. also that we are able to enjoy it. and express our appreciation. in fact i know of some private individuals who have taken it on themselves to oversee the caretaking of some roundabouts. all it takes is the desire to do something good for all. be it an individual, or an institution or the govt.

  2. very good post, thanks for sharing about holiculture department . .
    greeting from mas raden