Monday, 4 April 2011

World Cup

this has been a truly wonderful world cup. and i think that we had the toughest games, with most strong teams. it's not that we did well throughout, we played badly in a couple of games, lost one, tied one, [that one was as good as losing it, because it was a tie because of the english team's lack of courage in going all out for an outright win]. but all our games were nail biting, didnt know till the last what the end would be. but the fact is that we learnt from our mistakes, and tried to improve. one fact stands out in the final match. all odds were against us. we lost the toss, our bowlers gave away a lot of runs, and we had a very big total to beat. then when we came in to bat, we lost both sehwag and sachin for a mere 30 odd runs. BUT there was no panic shown. every player who came in played a very solid game. no tension, no rash shots, no defensive attitude, just tried to keep the score board moving. ones and twos, we wld get the boundaries later, they wld come. gambhir started this way and others followed. he reminded me of rahul dravid, mr dependable. only he was better, as he didnt get bogged down. it was a pleasure to watch. and also a real thrill. win or lose is another matter, but it was the team's attitude that really impressed me. if they go on like this, mentally cool and calm, they will beat australia's record of winning the world cup any number of times. truly at this time we are the no: 1 team in cricket. and it was the youngsters who did it. so a very bright future ahead for india in the world of cricket.

well done india.


  1. yes i agree with you that is was thrilling and nail biting and now a big hope for cricket ahead for india.

    but the media build up is very very bad. they should let games be games and not project a game - even a world cup - as a war. or for that use words like peet dala etc. a sport is a sport win or lose. and one has to win in order that the other might lose. undoubtedly we all want our team to win but it should be done with sportman spirit that somehow was not visible in the media

  2. Yes, it seems that in india, the media feels it owes no moral responsibility to its readers/viewers. Their only aim is to make every article/event a sensation. they are not worried if what they are portraying is true in the real sense of the word. Whether it hurts the sensibilities of anyone. I am reminded of an interview to which my husband’s nephew had gone, it was for an in house promotion in the field of marketing. And he was asked to explain how he would sell a wrist watch to someone else. He told me all that he had said, all the good points of the watch etc etc. it really seemed very aggressive marketing to me. Innocently I asked him that would’nt he first check if the man needed a wrist-watch. The answer was NO. the need was to sell the watch, who cared if the chap needed it or not! No need to say that he got the promotion.
    But this is the attitude of the media these days. What they don’t realize is that it is so easy for them to set a good example to the public. Just think, and see if what they are doing is right and good for their people.