Wednesday, 11 May 2011

Great decisions by the Supreme Court on illegal religious structures and honour killings

Today’s Times of India carries a report of a heartening decision by the Supreme Court – that while taking action against illegal and unauthorised religious structures on public land, there will be no discrimination between a temple or a mosque. (Demolish illegal temple, mosque alike, says SC). All demolitions will be carried out irrespective of whether it is of a mosque or a temple, a gurudwara or a church. All religions preach goodness, and love and consideration for our fellow men. Unfortunately, many have begun exploitation in the name of religion – and grabbing public land can only be considered this. And then going to court and pleading that this be allowed is only an attempt to try and prove that Wrong is Right since it is in the garb of religion.  

And I recall my very first post on this blog when I had commented upon the need for illegal structures being treated as illegal structures with no discrimination in the name of religion. (Media and Demolition of illegal structures). One strong reaction of an ordinary citizen has been upheld by our highest court. This appears to be a strong sign of true secularism.

Another good and right decision is on honour killings – the Hindustan Times in its editorial has aptly said – the very term honour killings is an oxymoron.(Any murder is a murder)

Looking at some recent judgements of our Supreme Court – our country is surely emerging from its chrysalis.

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